Which Water Heater To Buy – Tank or Tank-less?


Whenever there is need to buy a new water heater, the debate arises between taking a tank water heater or tank-less water heater. There are those who will swear by the efficiency and benefits of tank-less water heaters. However, there are others who have a lot of complaints about the same. The best way to put an end to this discussion is by reading this blog by plumber Toronto.

Since the tank units are pretty straightforward in terms of functioning and usage, they have lesser grievances. People understand the benefits and drawbacks and adjust themselves accordingly. The same cannot be said to be true about tank-less water heaters. Let us take a deeper look at the two and get to a conclusion as to which is going to be a better investment.

Let me first introduce you to the differences between tank and tank-less water heaters. As the name suggests, in tank water heaters, the water is heated and stored in a tank until the time it is used. In case of tank-less units, the water is heated during the flow as and when used. This results in considerable difference in their usability and thus brings a number of benefits and drawbacks in light.

Since the tank water heaters store heated water, it is needless to say that there is a major tank needed to store the water. This takes up quite some space within the bathroom. In tank-less units, water is not stored and thus there is no real requirement of having a big tank within the bathroom. Before anyone objects to this point, let me tell you, there are tank-less units available with small water storage. I will get back to the benefits of this in a short while.

Tank-less water heaters are clearly more efficient that their tank counterparts. Since the tank water heaters store heated water, the heater will have to run continually till the water is used. In case of households where the water usage is not too high, this is a major loss. Even in households with enough people never use that much of water on a continued basis.

As you might have already guessed, the tank water heaters can actually run out of water and you will be stuck without being able to shower without the hot water. This is never the case with tank-less units as the water will be heated on the go. This gives virtually unlimited supply of hot water.

When it comes to maintenance and life expectancy of both types of water heater, the definite winner is tank-less water heaters. It needs minimal maintenance – just cleaning of filter from time to time. In case of tank water heater, the water corrodes the interior and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

While tank-less water heaters, according to Plumber Toronto, are evidently better of the two, they also cost quite high. I would say that is a disadvantage. Also, due to all the circuits present, tank-less water heater can malfunction due to a number of reasons. In places like Canada, the power consumption will go up during colder months. The water in the tank-less unit will come out colder for a brief time as it takes a little time for the heater to judge flow rate and heat up. Small water storage in some units actually takes care of this issue. In the end the decision will lie on usage. For once a day usage tank-less heaters are the best.

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