Plumbing Basics For Your Lush Green Garden

plumbing garden

To imagine a lush green, decorated garden is quite easy, but to build one, that too with sustainable means is not so easy. The entire back end plumbing work needs proper planning. Let’s explore some tricks and tips of plumbing one needs to welcome the blossoms of spring.

Garden water sprinklers

In summer, it’s a tedious job to water your plants. Spray nozzle attached with the hose pipe is not so efficient, thus people tend to install various kinds of sprinklers offered by Plumber Toronto. Sprinklers are of various kinds. Let’s discuss some of their pros and cons :

Oscillating sprinklers – These are the most common ones. In these, water comes out in the shape of blades of fan. Gardens and lawns are installed with this particular type.

Irrigation sprinklers – These sprinklers spay water mimicking the natural rain fall. This kind of sprinkler is used for small scale vegetation, it also keeps the dust particles down and all along helps in cooling of the environment.

Rotating sprinklers They pop out of the ground and rotate in semi circles or, full 360 degrees. Though they are a bit expensive but are highly efficient.

Time controlled sprinklers – They are designed as such, you can choose which area to water at what point of time. You can also design the time interval for which the watering has to be done. Constant monitoring of the watering process is not essential, as well as setting can be changed depending on the season.

While choosing a sprinkler and the underground connection of pipes, one has to keep in mind the very fact that they are made up of materials which can  bear the wear and tear due of environmental stress. Prolonged exposure to sun, wind, snow and consistent moisture can lead to corrosion. Pipes made of PVC are quite durable and cost friendly.

Garden Hoses

Every house owns one of this. Some myths and fact to help you make the right choice, when buying one of those:

Length –  Longer the better, is indeed the wrong concept. Choosing a longer one not only makes it heavier and difficult to drag around but the flow pressure of water is reduced too. The ideal length is the radius of your garden considering the fact that your water tap is positioned almost at or around the centre of your garden.

Quality of material – Such Material should be chosen which can bear the environmental stress.  Rubber pipes are most sustainable though they are quite costly, but since these are long time investments, one can definitely consider it.

Hose with Detachable nozzle – Certain flora are too sensitive to be watered directly with high pressure flowing water – especially new saplings, so an attachable nozzle comes in handy.

Common problems with drainage systems in and around gardens- Twigs, leafs and, trimmed grass from the newly mowed lawn are the main culprits behind blockage of pipes. The best way to reverse this is using wire mesh with very tiny holes to cover any exposed part of the pipe, also frequent cleaning of the area. For everything mentioned above and more, Plumber Toronto is there to help you out.

Following these simple rules will give you your sustainable and magnificent garden which you always dreamt of.

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