14 Handy Bathroom Plumbing Tips & Tricks You Never Knew

If you are planning to rent your property, it’s important to overhaul the entire house. The outer aesthetic look is very easy to renovate, but the hidden and unknown upgrading is harder to notice and amongst the first to reach the list of complaints. Bathroom is the most prominent and focal point of any house. It is important to check the functioning of the bathroom, before you rent out the property.


14 Handy Bathroom Plumbing Tips & Tricks You Never Knew:

  1. A damaged or a lack luster wash basin can turn off the prospective renter. A pedestal sink can give a classic look and wouldn’t cost much. If the wash room is small, then a wall mounted sink will not only save the space, but also provide an open space to the wash room.
  1. Check all faucets. Do you need over all replacement or a small repair would put it right in working condition?
  1. The used, old and worn out P-traps can be replaced with new ones for the proper functioning and maintained appearance. Market has a huge range to offer. You can even look for decorative P-traps if it is an exposed trap to match with other fixtures of the bathroom.
  1. Any leakage or damage in the supply lines for the toilet, faucet and shower should be replaced if they are very old. Stainless steel flexes can be purchased almost in any length, sizes and configurations.
  1. Each supply in the bathroom should have shut off valve on it. Old and worn out should be replaced.
  1. Constant use of tub spouts either starts under performing or lose their luster. Replacing the tub with the help of a plumber spout is simply upgrading your bath.
  1. Change the shower if required. A low flow model can help to conserve 40 percent of water.
  1. If you plan to install a new shower, then be sure to use an anti scald shower valve which is thermostatic in nature. An anti scald valve keeps the water at a specific temperature, thus preventing scalding.
  1. Replacing escutcheons / flanges / smitty plates, gives a new look to the bathroom and are inexpensive.
  1. Replace the tub if it is highly stained or get it scrubbed with the available chemicals in the market to regain its luster.
  1. A very old shower drain should be replaced along with its cover.
  1. Wall mount toilets can drastically change the look of the bathroom. Cleaning becomes easy and accessible. A low flow model can save tons of water too.
  1. Once you have all fixtures changed, you cannot forget that humidity can be as damaging as any leakage. Make sure you don’t leave your bathroom without an exhaust fan else the humidity can cause loss.
  1. Bathroom safety features are becoming very popular. The concern is not only for elderly and disabled but generally people are embracing the concept of safety products in the bathroom. Right from shower seats in various forms according to your need, sturdy grab bars, tubs with shower safety to high toilet seats, are becoming common with the general public too as a measure of safety.

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