14 Handy Bathroom Plumbing Tips & Tricks You Never Knew

If you are planning to rent your property, it’s important to overhaul the entire house. The outer aesthetic look is very easy to renovate, but the hidden and unknown upgrading is harder to notice and amongst the first to reach the list of complaints. Bathroom is the most prominent and focal point of any house. It is important to check the functioning of the bathroom, before you rent out the property.


14 Handy Bathroom Plumbing Tips & Tricks You Never Knew:

  1. A damaged or a lack luster wash basin can turn off the prospective renter. A pedestal sink can give a classic look and wouldn’t cost much. If the wash room is small, then a wall mounted sink will not only save the space, but also provide an open space to the wash room.
  1. Check all faucets. Do you need over all replacement or a small repair would put it right in working condition?
  1. The used, old and worn out P-traps can be replaced with new ones for the proper functioning and maintained appearance. Market has a huge range to offer. You can even look for decorative P-traps if it is an exposed trap to match with other fixtures of the bathroom.
  1. Any leakage or damage in the supply lines for the toilet, faucet and shower should be replaced if they are very old. Stainless steel flexes can be purchased almost in any length, sizes and configurations.
  1. Each supply in the bathroom should have shut off valve on it. Old and worn out should be replaced.
  1. Constant use of tub spouts either starts under performing or lose their luster. Replacing the tub with the help of a plumber spout is simply upgrading your bath.
  1. Change the shower if required. A low flow model can help to conserve 40 percent of water.
  1. If you plan to install a new shower, then be sure to use an anti scald shower valve which is thermostatic in nature. An anti scald valve keeps the water at a specific temperature, thus preventing scalding.
  1. Replacing escutcheons / flanges / smitty plates, gives a new look to the bathroom and are inexpensive.
  1. Replace the tub if it is highly stained or get it scrubbed with the available chemicals in the market to regain its luster.
  1. A very old shower drain should be replaced along with its cover.
  1. Wall mount toilets can drastically change the look of the bathroom. Cleaning becomes easy and accessible. A low flow model can save tons of water too.
  1. Once you have all fixtures changed, you cannot forget that humidity can be as damaging as any leakage. Make sure you don’t leave your bathroom without an exhaust fan else the humidity can cause loss.
  1. Bathroom safety features are becoming very popular. The concern is not only for elderly and disabled but generally people are embracing the concept of safety products in the bathroom. Right from shower seats in various forms according to your need, sturdy grab bars, tubs with shower safety to high toilet seats, are becoming common with the general public too as a measure of safety.

How To Fix Water Pressure Related Problems in General Household?

The problems related to water pressure are really worth writing a blog for. In this blog, we’ll get to know the most common reasons why the problems related to water pressure occur? Not only that, with the help of plumber Toronto, we’ll also know how to fix such problems related to your house’s water pressure.

There could be two valid reason why the pressure of water in your tap is too high or too low:

  1. There is some issue from the supply side or,
  2. There is some issue with your home’s plumbing.

For the 1st reason, the maximum you can do is to call the supply manager is tell him about this problem. I’m pretty sure your neighbors would also be getting the same headache and everyone would be complaining to the supply side of the water distribution. This problem is extremely common ad gets fixed in no time.

Coming to the 2nd reason, it is quite possible that you home’s plumbing is at fault here and this can only be solved with the help of a little bit of understanding of basic plumbing.

Plumber Toronto

According to a plumber’s rulebook, low water pressure should be there in the showers and kitchen sink taps. It has a scientific factor involved. In shower, people tend to spend quite a large amount of time and hence, a lot of water is waster. To minimize this, people now go for low pressure shower-heads. If this is the case, you can take a good pressure shower-head and get it installed with the help of plumber Toronto.

In kitchen, there are usually two taps. One for normal water and one for hot water. the hot water faucet is designed to have low water pressure. This can be manually increased with the help of a wrench. The cold water faucet is usually the high pressure tap. Keeping this a high pressure was needed as the time taken by your wife to fill a bowl with water can determine how dinner is going to taste tonight.

Plumber Toronto

Coming to the bathroom, As I have already mentioned , showers are designed to throw water with low pressure. However, if the other faucets in the bathroom are throwing low pressure water, there is certainly something wrong in the plumbing .

A leak(s) in the system can justify for this. If there is a leak anywhere in our house’s core plumbing, get ready to pay some sweet greens. You’ll have to get inspected the entire bathroom fittings. If you are lucky, the plumber will find the leak in no time. However, the job becomes tidy if the leak doesn’t want to show up or you have just hired a good for nothing plumber.

Plumber Toronto

Minerals from hard water can stock up and clog the supply pipes. This can result in slow pressure and eventually no water at all. This is natural and it takes a long time to happen. If you live in an area which is known for its bad water supply, just make sure you keep cleaning those pipe junctions where the supply connects. It’ll save you a lot of time.

Plumbing Tips Everyone Must Know

In today’s world with the changing lifestyle, every one of us is busy with various jobs of everyday life. Time is the most valuable resource which no one of us wants to waste meaninglessly. Then, why to lose such precious riches in problems like plumbing? A dysfunction plumbing system of your home can be most distressing and head aching problem that ever happens in our household. It will ruin your day, not let you to do your office work. As most of you are working people, you get a little time to major problems like plumbing in your home. But do you know you yourself can help the best just knowing few basic plumbing tips?

It is no doubt, wherever you spend the day, all you want after the end of work is to spend the rest of time peacefully in your sweet house. After all the hustle bustle of the day who will be interested to fix the drainage system? But plumbing problems are such which are very common to every household and which have no convenience of time and come without any warning. In order to avoid these troubles, all you can do is to follow necessary precautions to enjoy your leisure with the help of a Toronto plumber.

Check for Problems

If you want to avoid bigger problems, you need to be careful of the needs of the house. Check on regular basis what are the problems that the house is going through? Check the drain, check if the gas appliances are installed properly. Clear the gutter from blockage.

Take Timely Measurement

A timely measurement can save you from bigger damages and accidents. If you do not take timely steps things can get worse than ever. This will save both your money and most importantly money.

Use Quality Products

As Plumbing appliances are those that we do not change regularly, it is necessary to buy high quality products which will both be long lasting as well as healthy for the construction of the house, pocket friendly as well.

Take Expert’s help

You need not to always show your skill in fixing all the problems of your home just to save a few bucks. This can be proved as fatal to you and your family. In fixing problems without proper experience and proper tools, you or any of your family member can be mortally wounded which no money can compensate. Always visit expert plumber in Toronto near about you as there are so many of them in Toronto. Spend a few bucks more to save your precious property.

Save Natural Resources

Fix the leaking water pipes, dripping faucets and showerheads as these can cause wastage of gallons of water. Thus fixing them you can save water resources. Reinstall the gas appliances and stop wastage of valuable natural resource like natural gas. By reinstalling electrical appliances you can save electricity. All these in turn will save your money.

Before visiting plumber follow these tips which will save both your money and valuable time. After that search for best plumber Toronto and get rid of all problems related with plumbing and lead a life without much stress.

3 Plumbing Quick Fix Tricks Everyone Should Know

In today’s walk of life, time is the most precious of all our commodities. We are responsible for strings of jobs every day. In such a hustle it’s impossible for us to take a day off in case of plumbing emergencies. But then a broken down plumbing system is equally dangerous as it has the power to bring all your life to stand still. Now in such a condition a little bit of knowledge related to quick fixes of Mississauga plumbing is definitely going to solve your dilemma.

In this blog, I will discuss with you some of the regular plumbing problems that you seem to face daily and what are the probable solutions to it.

Quick-fix trick 1

Dipping pipes and faucets are real nuisance. It takes you ages and lots of money, to change the entire pipe. Majorly pipes come in one single unit and not multiple ones.

Thus, the fastest way to stop the dipping of water is using sealants. Quick seals are available in the market, they are dough like substances. A small portion of it is to be taken in the palm and given the required shape. Then with a little pressure using your thumbs, stick the sealant in the dipping area. Within few hours the sealant will be hard like steel. But do remember to handle the issue when you have time, as the quick fixes do give temporary solutions but they aren’t permanent solution. For professional help, call plumber Toronto.

Quick-fix trick 2

Shower heads tend to have minute pores. It’s quite a common occurrence that these pores get clogged.

Now to solve this issue, the changing of the entire shower head is not necessary. The easiest way out of it is, covering the shower head with a polythene bag full of vinegar and to be left over night. The vinegar dawns it magic and the pored are clear. In the long run, strainers should be installed in the inlet area of water, so as no deposits get formed in the pores.

Quick-fix trick 3

Clogged drains and pipes due to debris is a common problem. Different unwanted materials seem to sneak in.

So let’s find the best way to clear a clogged drain when you don’t have the time to call a plumber or any plumbing tools as t to deal with it. One can use a wire hanger. One end of the hanger has to be set loose, the hook part of the hanger has to insert in the clogged area. The longer part act as the arms. Within no time, the clogged materials will get entangled with the hanger head and come out. In the long run, proper strainer has to be installed.

These instant solutions will defiantly solve your problem for the time being. But for the long run one has to find out the core of the problem and solve the issue. Once these instant solutions are applied one gets the appropriate time to react to the situation in the righteous way. Remember these quick fixes and forget about your plumbing worries.

Easy Water Saving Tips For Any Household Using Simple Plumbing Techniques

We cannot go through a day without using water for various purposes. It is the most essential component for life to exist on earth and for us to lead a normal life. The seeming abundance of water makes us forget that potable water is not as abundant in nature as it seems. We need to purify and treat water before it can be utilized for our regular purposes. Thus, it should be kept in mind that unless we save water today, the future is going to be pretty bad. We might not even have to wait till the next generation before we face a rapidly increasing scarcity of water, taking into consideration the current rate of increase in global population. Certainly we cannot take up the responsibility of the world on our shoulders, but we can definitely start by doing our bit to contribute to the cause.

Let us look at the plumbing lines of our place. Most often than not, these are the areas where wastage of a large amount of water takes place. Even dripping pipes can be responsible for gallons of water being wasted on a monthly basis. So, how can you ensure that your plumbing fixtures are not actually the reason for water wastage? Sponsored by Plumber Toronto, here are a few simple ways you will be able to save water on a regular basis.

  • Get toilet cistern with dual flush. A single flush cistern contains most loss of water. There are many times when we use the toilet and there is no need to flush down an entire cistern’s quantity of water. Dual flush ensures you flush only the amount of water needed. There are two flush buttons. One will flush out lesser amount of water than the other. Thus you choose which to use depending upon your need and water usage is reduced considerably.
  • Fix leaks right at the beginning. Any leakage is wastage of water. You will have to call professional plumbing contractor for this purpose. It is best not to attempt repair of leaks by yourself as any mistake can lead to further damage and worsening of the situation.
  • Use low flow aerators. These are small cap like structure which can be fitted on the mouth of the tap and it reduces the water flow while not reducing the pressure of the water. This is a convenient way to reduce the usage of water to a large extent.
  • Install water saving shower head. These will help reduce wastage of water during taking a shower. The measurement is done in gallons per minute (gpm). Usually you will find shower heads with 2.5 gpm water flow; however, you can also get 1.5 gpm models which will reduce wastage of water considerably.
  • Change leaking faucets and taps immediately. Take help of professional plumbing service providers for this purpose at all times.

You will find a number of plumbing professionals like Plumber Toronto in your area if you are from Toronto. Always keep a note of a few of the best ones to take care of emergency.

Which Water Heater To Buy – Tank or Tank-less?


Whenever there is need to buy a new water heater, the debate arises between taking a tank water heater or tank-less water heater. There are those who will swear by the efficiency and benefits of tank-less water heaters. However, there are others who have a lot of complaints about the same. The best way to put an end to this discussion is by reading this blog by plumber Toronto.

Since the tank units are pretty straightforward in terms of functioning and usage, they have lesser grievances. People understand the benefits and drawbacks and adjust themselves accordingly. The same cannot be said to be true about tank-less water heaters. Let us take a deeper look at the two and get to a conclusion as to which is going to be a better investment.

Let me first introduce you to the differences between tank and tank-less water heaters. As the name suggests, in tank water heaters, the water is heated and stored in a tank until the time it is used. In case of tank-less units, the water is heated during the flow as and when used. This results in considerable difference in their usability and thus brings a number of benefits and drawbacks in light.

Since the tank water heaters store heated water, it is needless to say that there is a major tank needed to store the water. This takes up quite some space within the bathroom. In tank-less units, water is not stored and thus there is no real requirement of having a big tank within the bathroom. Before anyone objects to this point, let me tell you, there are tank-less units available with small water storage. I will get back to the benefits of this in a short while.

Tank-less water heaters are clearly more efficient that their tank counterparts. Since the tank water heaters store heated water, the heater will have to run continually till the water is used. In case of households where the water usage is not too high, this is a major loss. Even in households with enough people never use that much of water on a continued basis.

As you might have already guessed, the tank water heaters can actually run out of water and you will be stuck without being able to shower without the hot water. This is never the case with tank-less units as the water will be heated on the go. This gives virtually unlimited supply of hot water.

When it comes to maintenance and life expectancy of both types of water heater, the definite winner is tank-less water heaters. It needs minimal maintenance – just cleaning of filter from time to time. In case of tank water heater, the water corrodes the interior and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

While tank-less water heaters, according to Plumber Toronto, are evidently better of the two, they also cost quite high. I would say that is a disadvantage. Also, due to all the circuits present, tank-less water heater can malfunction due to a number of reasons. In places like Canada, the power consumption will go up during colder months. The water in the tank-less unit will come out colder for a brief time as it takes a little time for the heater to judge flow rate and heat up. Small water storage in some units actually takes care of this issue. In the end the decision will lie on usage. For once a day usage tank-less heaters are the best.

Plumbing Basics For Your Lush Green Garden

plumbing garden

To imagine a lush green, decorated garden is quite easy, but to build one, that too with sustainable means is not so easy. The entire back end plumbing work needs proper planning. Let’s explore some tricks and tips of plumbing one needs to welcome the blossoms of spring.

Garden water sprinklers

In summer, it’s a tedious job to water your plants. Spray nozzle attached with the hose pipe is not so efficient, thus people tend to install various kinds of sprinklers offered by Plumber Toronto. Sprinklers are of various kinds. Let’s discuss some of their pros and cons :

Oscillating sprinklers – These are the most common ones. In these, water comes out in the shape of blades of fan. Gardens and lawns are installed with this particular type.

Irrigation sprinklers – These sprinklers spay water mimicking the natural rain fall. This kind of sprinkler is used for small scale vegetation, it also keeps the dust particles down and all along helps in cooling of the environment.

Rotating sprinklers They pop out of the ground and rotate in semi circles or, full 360 degrees. Though they are a bit expensive but are highly efficient.

Time controlled sprinklers – They are designed as such, you can choose which area to water at what point of time. You can also design the time interval for which the watering has to be done. Constant monitoring of the watering process is not essential, as well as setting can be changed depending on the season.

While choosing a sprinkler and the underground connection of pipes, one has to keep in mind the very fact that they are made up of materials which can  bear the wear and tear due of environmental stress. Prolonged exposure to sun, wind, snow and consistent moisture can lead to corrosion. Pipes made of PVC are quite durable and cost friendly.

Garden Hoses

Every house owns one of this. Some myths and fact to help you make the right choice, when buying one of those:

Length –  Longer the better, is indeed the wrong concept. Choosing a longer one not only makes it heavier and difficult to drag around but the flow pressure of water is reduced too. The ideal length is the radius of your garden considering the fact that your water tap is positioned almost at or around the centre of your garden.

Quality of material – Such Material should be chosen which can bear the environmental stress.  Rubber pipes are most sustainable though they are quite costly, but since these are long time investments, one can definitely consider it.

Hose with Detachable nozzle – Certain flora are too sensitive to be watered directly with high pressure flowing water – especially new saplings, so an attachable nozzle comes in handy.

Common problems with drainage systems in and around gardens- Twigs, leafs and, trimmed grass from the newly mowed lawn are the main culprits behind blockage of pipes. The best way to reverse this is using wire mesh with very tiny holes to cover any exposed part of the pipe, also frequent cleaning of the area. For everything mentioned above and more, Plumber Toronto is there to help you out.

Following these simple rules will give you your sustainable and magnificent garden which you always dreamt of.